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Grain Share

Get to know your grains with us! Every month we dive deep into a single grain grown in our region, exploring all the tasty and nutritious things that can be made from it. We then pass our findings along to you with collections of locally sourced treats, information and recipes for you to experiment with at home, and hands-on classes, workshops and dinners.

Shares can be picked up on a select Sunday or Monday around the middle of each month at participating locations. Hands-on classes are held on Thursdays after grain share pickups.


Members can opt for a single package or any combination of our Grain Share options:


Two fresh loaves, a substantial helping of whole grain gnocchi (frozen), and a basket brimming with our wild grain-centric creations, such as toasted oat panna cotta, roasted barley ice tea, or fresh masa to make tortillas at home.

January is Barley Month:

1x Burnt Barley Baguette

1x Sprouted Barley Vollkornbrot

1qt. Smoked Malt Gnocchi (frozen)

½ dozen Malted Chocolate Chip Cookies

Pots de Creme OR Dough to make 3 medium pizzas at home

A package of whole, cracked or flaked grains, flours & mixes, and shelf-stable baked treats, as well as other surprises like specialty mustard or miso. In addition, a booklet on the featured grain containing in-depth information, painfully bad puns, and recipes to bolster your cooking at home.

January is Barley Month:

1.5lb. Pearled Toasty Barley

1lb. Blinis Mix

12oz. Seedy Granola

1 bag Burnt Toast Cookies

1pt. Allium Ale Mustard

Mix for 1 Gallon Barley Tea


An informal dinner, workshop, or class, led by our bakers and/or guest experts, of roughly 1.5 to 2 hours. Plenty of food, drink, and conversation with like-minded individuals, as well as insider information on how to cook with and get the best out of the featured grain.

January is Barley Month:
We’ll start with a primer on the many delicious traditions of barley fermentation, including miso and beer. We’ll cover ancient flatbreads, leading into a hands-on workshop on our universal favorite, PIZZA! We’ll also have plenty of good veggies, taste beers and non-alcoholic beverages, and leave fat and happy and ready to face the cold.

Grain Share Calendar

January - Barley
February - Buckwheat
March - Emmer
April - Einkorn
May - Spelt
June - Sorghum
July - White Wheat
August - Corn
September - Rye
October - Oats
November - Hard Red Wheat
December - Old Bread

(subject to change)

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