Grain Share Policies

  1.  We ask all new subscribers to carefully read the following document. These are the guidelines that keep our grain share running smoothly, and you will be responsible for knowing them.

  2. About the grain share – Every month we dive deep into a single grain grown in our region, exploring all the tasty and nutritious things that can be made from it. We then pass our findings along to you in a take-home collection of locally sourced items complete with information and recipes for you to experiment with at home or join us for a hands-on class.

  3. Payments: We use a web-based software program called Farmigo to help manage the financial interactions between our customers and our farm. With it, Lost Bread Co. subscribers have online access to their own accounts. We accept payment via Paypal.

  4. If you choose the autopay option, your account will automatically be charged 5 days before pickup day, and you will receive an email notification.

  5. Share types: We offer four different share option:

    • Pantry: $50.00
      A package of whole, cracked or flaked grains, flours & mixes, granola, and shelf-stable baked treats, as well as other surprises like specialty mustard or miso. In addition, a booklet on the featured grain containing in-depth information, painfully bad puns, and recipes to bolster your cooking at home.

    • Fresh: $50.00
      Two fresh loaves, a substantial helping of whole grain gnocchi (frozen), and a basket brimming with our wild grain-centric creations, such as toasted oat panna cotta, roasted barley ice tea, or fresh masa to make tortillas at home.

    • Hands on: $50.00
      An informal dinner, workshop, or class, led directly by our bakers, of roughly 1.5 to 2 hours. Plenty of food, drink, and conversation with like-minded individuals, as well as insider information on how to cook with and get the best out of the featured grain.

    • Pantry + Fresh + Hands On: $120
      All three for a discounted price

  6. By agreeing to join our CSA, you are also agreeing to open and read email communications from us including:

  7. Payment due emails: All billing issues regarding your account will be emailed to you, including start ups and notice of suspension of service.

  8. Other: You may also receive specific emails announcing important changes to our service. Especially important are emergency site moves. Please read our emails as soon as you see them. Please add to your address book to protect our communications from spam filters.

  9. We encourage subscribers to give us feedback about sahre quality and contents by emailing us at It’s very important that you include your full name, and your email address login which you used to create your online account on all correspondence. For quality issues please include when you picked up your share

  10. We do not go back and retrieve unpicked-up shares, so please do not leave any checks or correspondence at the pickup site.

  11. Referral Credit and Vacations: If you can’t pick up your box on a given week, why not tell a friend to pick up your box while you’re gone? If they sign up with us, we will give you a $20 referral credit. Ask that your friend to email the office at when they join, so we can thank you.

  12. If you’re going on a longer vacation, please make sure to put a hold on your account. If you do not put a hold on your account before being charge, the charge will hold.

  13. Refund / Credit: If you believe you deserve a credit for poor quality, damaged, or otherwise unusable products, please contact us at We will evaluate cases individually. Be sure to include what day/time you picked up the produce, and how it was stored.

  14. Pickup Location Etiquette: Please observe the pick-up times carefully. Doors may be locked or the business may be closed during other times. We do not coordinate or recommend after hours pickups.

  15. Don’t take a box if one doesn’t have your name on it. All boxes are labelled; if there isn’t one there for you, there’s probably a reason why. If you have someone pickup for you, do not forget to inform them of this policy.

  16. Do not look through other peoples boxes. All the like-sized boxes contain the same items.

  17. Return your boxes for recycling or recyle them yourselves. Please do not leave the papers or other trash at your local friendly pickup site.

  18. Late pick-ups are not eligible for credits. Lots of things can happen to boxes after hours, we don’t credit for any of them.

  19. Holiday Changes: We will inform you in advanced with any schedule changes.