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The roots of
Lost Bread Co

We started in the spring of 2017 as a scrappy, nameless, one-person wholesale bakery in a warehouse in Olde Kensington. We were lost, but found ourselves with a dream of providing great bread directly to the people. In early 2018, we acquired a beautiful American-made stone mill and a serious bread oven and began to realize this vision, opening up our bakery on weekends and attending a handful of local farmers markets.

Today, we are a 24-hour operation with a team of 11 full-time members, and are in the process of opening retail outlets in the city. In addition to fresh bread, we serve food and make pantry items and wildly creative pastries.


Guiding Principles

We’re about making good bread - the kind that provides a sturdy canvas for your meal, nourishes, and tastes great. We respect and fairly compensate the bakers, porters, packers, drivers and retail workers who make our bread and get it into your hands. We are committed to exploring a lost culinary heritage of thrifty ingenuity, donating or re-purposing excess bread to keep it out of the landfill. We do our best to ensure that the resources exchanged to run the bakery support our local economy.


Responsible Sourcing

We are even more obsessive about the source of our ingredients than we are about their flavor. Our closest partners and suppliers have proven that they care deeply about people, product and planet, and understand that food is political. We can trust them to make the right choices about how to produce the ingredients that reach you via our food. We are mindful not only of how we make our products, but also that the menu we choose to offer has the overall effect of strengthening our food system.


Local Accessibility

Our goal is to get bread into your hands by making it available in the places you already visit. Wherever you grab your coffee or pick up your market produce you should be able to grab a loaf.